Sunday, December 24, 2017


SAM stands for Slick, Alexius, Menningman.

= Julie Slick (from the Adrian Belew Power Trio), Peter Alexius and Marc Menningmann.

Marc Menningmann explains :
Some years ago, Peter Alexius took me to a concert of the Adrian Belew Power Trio and I immediately fell in love with the brilliant bass playing of Julie Slick. Several concerts later we decided to bring Julie to Germany someday, make a record with her and play some concerts. And here we are, SAM, the trio Julie Slick, Peter Alexius and Marc Mennigmann.

The trio (plus Sven Kosakowski (drums) and Zaki Kiokakis (guitar) spent one week in the studio (in Germany in 2013) and recorded 11 hours of improvised music.
The best moments were collected on two releases:
  • sam (slick, alexius, menningmann): another life
        (2013, download, --, bandcamp) 

  • sam (slick, alexius, menningmann): yet another life
        (2013, download, --, bandcamp)

Later, Peter Alexius and Marc Menningman continued as Notopia.

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