Monday, January 31, 2011


It's out !! "Space Probe" is out !! I'm listening to it while I'm typing. For the second time in a row. Listening that is.

Art Yard has returned with another fine Sun Ra release. This time it's "Space Probe".
'Space Probe', the title track, has Sun Ra performing on the Moog synth. The title refers to the sound that you hear of the spaceship surveying the land before landing. An extraordinary 18-minute piece. Beautiful.
But there's also 'Earth Primitive Earth' with John Gilmore on bass clarinet and Sun Ra and the Arkestra on percussion.
Or 'Circe' and 'Recollections Of There', featuring Thea Barbara on vocals.
Or 'Destiny' which is an experiment with sounds and echoes.

Essential !!

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