Tuesday, January 4, 2011


WM RECORDINGS kicks off the new year with three new titles:
They're free album downloads:

WM112: brunk – a simple guide
A homerecorded DIY mishmash of old tracks (recorded between 1999 and 2005), quiet songs, homerecorded weirdo pop instrumentals, noisy stuff, little redundant experiments, lo-fi nonsense, kitsch, guitars, samples, electronica etc. Leftovers galore!

WM113: Greg Houwer – Sauna Planet
First there was the sea. Then a beach. Long time there was nothing. After that the humans came. And soon it was... Sauna Planet

WM114: Happy Elf – Beach Street
Beach Street is a laidback, groovy electropop EP from one of the most curious artists of the underground electropop scene.


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