Friday, June 11, 2021


  • Grove Bonken by Cor van Diejen
        (2021, book, the netherlands, private release)

You might know music enthusiast Cor van Diejen as the writer of the Slikdrek columns in the late Dutch Black Page fanzine.
In more recent years, Cor updated and re-released these columns in "Een Modder Van Inventie" but he also produced writings on Don Van Vliet ("Een Harlekijneend,...") and on Stravinsky.

Never afraid to challenge himself, Cor recently produced "Grove Bonken" in which he gives his unvarnished opinion on 182 composers of the 20th century.
Peppered with anecdotes, this 500-plus page hardback book will tell you things you didn't know about Guus Janssen, Sun Ra, Frank Zappa, Olivier Messiaen, George Gerswin, Morton Subotnick, Raymond Scott, Peter Eötvös, and many, many more.

And so many names that I'm not familiar with...

In Dutch.
Made available in both a hardback and a paperback edition from Boekenbestellen:

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