Monday, April 5, 2021


  • the residents: ozark (the missing bunny boy songs)
        (2021, 2lp, usa, secret records)
In 2008, The Residents began an ambitious project entitled The Bunny Boy. At its heart it was an episodic web series, with installments premiering on YouTube and the Residents official site three days a week. This project lead to a studio album (The Bunny Boy) and a soundtrack of the music used in the videos (Postcards From Patmos) which were both released only on CD. The project went on to be a world tour and even more videos. As the story evolved more songs were written for a Bunny Boy follow up and were released as the limited edition CD, Arkansas. But there were still lots of more song sketches and video music so that lead to a download only album called Ozan. Confused yet? Just wait. THEN in 2011 Arkansas and Ozan were combined with an additional 4 tracks to create a very limited edition CDr.... OZARK! So here we have all those Arkansas / Ozan / Ozark Bunny Boy tunes finally gathered onto a limited edition double LP to go with your Bunny Boy Live double LP. That's a lot of crazy guy in a bunny costume.

Secret Records released "Ozark" as a 2 LP set. Limited edition on coloured vinyl.
Also available as a download through Bandcamp.

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