Monday, December 17, 2012


  • steve moore: light echoes
        (2012, cd, usa, cuneiform records)
NYC-based musician Steve Moore might be known to you as a film score composer, or as the synthesizer player in space rock duo Zombi. He's also a name in the dance/pop and remix world.
On "Light Echoes" we meet Steve Moore in his capacity as a solo keyboard performer.

Steve Moore says: "Light Echoes is different from my other albums fundamentally in that it was written specifically to be performed live using on ly a few of my most trusted synthesizers. More accurately, those that I know will make a sound when I turn them on (at least 50% of the time) and/or fit in my car."

On "Light Echoes" you will find six synthesizer pieces. Nothing fancy. Just six oldfashioned electronic compositions. And that's were the power of "Light Echoes" is to be found.
It's all about the soundscapes, all about the journey.

Out on Cuneiform.

Distributed by Mandai

Here's one of the tracks:

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