Monday, December 31, 2012


Issue number 74 of The Arf Dossier, the Zappa fanzine that's published by the Arf Society, is out:

the arf-dossier no.74  -  2012/12
  • leserpost
  • zappanale für arf
  • the hot platters heaven from the arf office by andrew greenaway, peter görs, agnete granitzka
  • schon wieder norwegen - zappaunion in drammen by steffen schindler
  • zappaunion 2012 by bjorn olav herheim
  • news from belgium - live from United Mutations
  • grandsheiks live by zappacat & michael schaust
  • the vinyl bootleg releases by burkhard schempp
  • ullis eck by ulli schäfer

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