Sunday, June 17, 2012


Leonardo Pavkovik and his MoonJune Records label are doing it again. They just keep amazing me.

Belgian band was founded by keyboardist Antoine Guenet in February 2009.

At first, the band consisted of Antoine Guenet on keyboards, Wim Segers on vibraphone, Dries Geusens on bass and Simon Segers on drums. Shortly before their first gig, guitarist Yannick De Pauw joined the ranks. Later, Fulco Ottervanger stepped in on vocals.

I was fortunate to see Antoine Guenet as a part of Michel Delville's Wrong Object recently when the band played in Liège and in Ghent. It was good to see how his input added extra colours to one of my favourite bands. It sure made me curious for the album. blends experimental rock and jazz. The compositions on this debut release are great. Surprising tempo changes are mixed with loads of energy and power. I'm a big fan of progressive and avant-garde rock and of expermintal jazz and "" has it all.

Think Zappa, think unpredictable, think high-energy, think
The name does indeed fit the beautiful package.

Out on Moonjune Records.

Highly recommended !

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