Friday, June 15, 2012


Many people consider "Hard Hat Area" their favourite Allan Holdsworth album.
Initially, the album got released by Polydor Records in Japan in 1993. Shortly thereafter, it got picked up by Fred Bloggs Music (UK), and by Restless Records (USA).

Allan Holdsworth has been involved in many different projects (Nucleus, Soft Machine, Jean-Luc Ponty, U.K. with Eddie Jobson, ...), and he has made a nice batch of solo album (some with Chad Wackerman on drums) but for me, "Hard Hat Area" shows what Allan Holdsworth is all about. Smooth, legato yet unpredictable melodic lines performed on a guitar synthesizer. Jazz fusion at its best.

The thing that makes "Hard Hat Area" stand out, is the great band (Allan Holdsworth - Steve Hunt - Skulli Sverrisson - Gary Husband) and the beautiful compositions.

This is the kind of music that will absorb you completely. I love it.

The album has been re-mastered and re-issued by Moonjune Records. It was made available earlier this month.
Highly recommended !!

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