Thursday, November 3, 2011


Per Tjernberg is a swedish percussionist and composer. His latest album, "Music Is My Salvation", is a brand-new release on the Country & Eastern label.
"Music Is My Salvation" is a treat for the ears and mind. Elements of contemporary classical music, world music and jazz are blended into one big musical journey.

The first two tracks on the album make up 'The Pythagoras Suite'. Part one, entitled 'The Secret Society Of Sounds', has the perfect title. It's a beautiful 10-minute piece in which a percussive soundscape slowly turns into a conversation between the brass instruments. The second part, 'The Believers', is far more jazzy and it will turn many Zappa-fan's head. The choice of instruments is great and I love the sound of the xylophone.
Track three, 'Vertical Horizons', continues in the same vain: jazzy with lots of vibraphone & marimba. This is good...

The album continues with 'The Gardens Of Obatalá', a piece with an eastern influenced intro that morphs into a great, catchy jazzy, funky tune.
The next track, 'Portrait Of Malin', is one of my favourite pieces on this disc and not only because of the superb harmonica solo by Mats Öberg. It has a beautiful, bluesy melody and some fine improvisations.
The disc continues with 'Kjell Westling / Miniature' and with 'Kalimba Interlude', the latter being shortest composition on the album. It's a solo piece by Per Tjernberg, performed on an african thumb piano.
The disc ends with 'Rejoice Be Thankful Rejoice Make A Joyous Noise', a soulful and happy piece. The perfect ending of a great album.

"Music Is My Salvation" is a beautiful album. It's quiet, yet jazzy. It's soothing, yet cheerful. I like it a lot.

In his liner notes, Per Tjernberg says:
"Or, as Frank Zappa simply put it: "Music is the best".
That doesn't mean that nothing else matters, but that it is the realization of what we can only dream of.."

I can't agree more.

Highly recommended.

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