Friday, August 26, 2011


Every year, the Zappanale festival takes its start in the center of Bad Doberan. The Kamptheater is the town's theater and during the first days of the festival, it's the place for lectures, movies and concerts.
The Kamptheater also is a pub / restaurant, so it's the perfect place for people to meet.

When you get outside of the Kamptheater, you see the little town's park, and that's where the Truckstage is located.

Imagine a truck of which one side has been folded. This enables everyone to see the inside of the truck. And it's this part that has been turned into a stage. Hence, truckstage.

Wednesday afternoon, 2011/08/17, the first band went on the truckstage at the Kamptheater. German band Killmenoc.
The played for something between 50 and 100 people and did a good job.
The band's website will give you an idea of what Killmenoc sounds like:
I liked it.

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