Thursday, August 25, 2011


The previous years, the Zappanale festivities had started with a concert in Hamburg. This not only resulted in some fine concerts, but also in some impressive releases: Bogus Pomp, Sheik Yerbouti, ...

Zappanale #22 had no Hamburg leg this year, so the party started on Wednesday in Bad Doberan.
For me, that meant meeting up with lots of nice people, visiting the expo, checking in, and getting ready for the first concerts.

Some of the people that I talked to were a bit worried about the program because it looked like there wasn't as much Zappa music and bands scheduled as in the previous years. In my opinion, the line-up looked good and I would prefer bands like Doctor Nerve, Jono El Grande and Chris Opperman to almost any Zappa coverband anytime.

Here's a picture of the program booklet. 60 pages with time schedules and info on all of the participating musicians.

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