Friday, August 26, 2011


Gryphon Labs is a project of bassist / composer Pete Griffin.

Pete has performed and recorded with Zappa Plays Zappa, Hanson and Edgar Winter, and started with Gryphon Labs around 2007.
He recruited fellow Zappa Plays Zappa members Joe Travers and Jamie Kime and began recording with producer Roger Cole.

The band has been performing regularly in the Los Angeles area with the core band of Griffin, Travers, and Kime, with guest appearances from Paul Barrere as well as Scheila Gonzalez and Aaron Arntz.

At this moment, Gryphon Labs consists of:

  • Pete Griffin: bass

  • Joe Travers: drums

  • Jamie Kime: guitar

  • Chris Norton: keys

  • Rick Mussallam: guitar

So far, Gryphon Labs has released three albums: "The Blinded EP" (2008), "Modern Mythology" (2010), and the very recent "The Red Room" (2011).

"The Red Room" is available as a free download from, and you should really check this out.

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