Thursday, August 25, 2011


The last couple of years, the Zappanale festival opened with a concert at the St Katherinen church in Hamburg, Germany. The organ (once played by J.S.Bach) is being restored, and the J.S.Bach Society and the Arf Society combined their forces to produce some fine Zappa related concerts.
Previous concerts included german band Sheik Yerbouti, and U.S. band Bogus Pomp, but that couldn't prepare us for the fabulous concert that took place last year when the Ensemble Ambrosius took the stage.

It can't get any better then this.
Zappa music, played by top musicians on baroque instruments in a fitting environment.

This is top.
Essential listening.

If you were there, I'm pretty convinced that you'll want this on a little silver disc. If you weren't there, this is the perfect opportunity to get a top performance of Zappa music.
Napoleon Murphy Brock guests on a couple of tracks. Perfect.

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