Saturday, August 6, 2011


Earlier today, I went to Antwerp to catch an expo of comic book artist & illustrator Philip Paquet. I know Philip from his beautiful black & white illustrations about jazz. Check out his website at
And at this very moment Philip has this expo called "Heroes", about his pop and jazz heroes, showing some fifteen drawings / paintings of Bowie, Zappa, Hendrix, ...
Here's a shot of the wall :

The expo was held at the "Tune Up" independant record store.
Vinyl only. Melkmarkt, Antwerp.

And that's were I found this new Sun Ra release. I had read something about it, a little while ago, so I was glad to find it.
Haven't listened to the record yet, so all that I can tell you is that it's a limited release (of 500 copies) on red vinyl. The actual sleeve is transparent plastic with blue lettering. A quite spectacular view, if I may say so.
Out on a russian label that has released more jazz albums in the same manner.

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