Saturday, November 20, 2010


Pretty impressive tribute.

mojo classic
(2010/12, magazine, uk)

o the ZAPPA special
* p.3 'Welcome', Alice Cooper
* p.6-7: '1940s & 1950s'
* p.8-12: 'Plastic People', Kirk Silsbee
* p.13. 'The Worst Music In The World', Alan Clayson
* p.14-15: 'the 1960s'
* p.16-17 'Mother People', Kris Needs
* p.18-19 'Freak Out', Kris Needs
* p.20-21 'interview Kim Fowley'
* p.22-27 'Hungry Freaks', Mark Paytress
* p.28-29 'interview Don Preston'
* p.30-31 'We're Only In It For The Money', Jon Savage
* p.32-34 'Sugar 'n' Spikes', Mike Barnes
* p.35 'interview Art Tripp', 'interview Gary Lucas'
* p.36 'Lumpy Gravy', Richie Unterberger
* p.38-46 'Insided Dr.Zircon's Secret Lab', Miles
* p.44 'Zappa vs The Velvet Underground', Richie Unterberger
* p.47 'interview Chris Darrow, 'interview Denny Walley'
* p.48-49 'Hot Rats', Martin Aston
* p.50-51 'the 1970s'
* p.52-53 'Pretty Things, Alice Cooper
* p.54-60 'The Torture Never Stops', Chris Ingham
* p.59 'Weasels Ripped My Flesh', Mark Paytress
* p.61 'The Grand Wazoo', Chris Ingham
* p.62-66 'Direct From Hollywood', Dave DiMartino
* p.65 'Over-Nite Sensation', Martin Aston
* p.67 'Apostrophe ('), Dave DiMartino
* p.68-70 'interview Gail Zappa'
* p.71 'Roxy & Elsewhere', Mark Paytress
* p.72-75 'The Brain Police: Cal Schenkel'
* p.76-77 'Zoot Allures', Martin Aston
* p.78-80 'Are You Hung Up?', David Fricke
* p.81 'interview John 'Drumbo' French', 'interview Ian Underwood'
* p.82-83 'Joe's Garage', Chris Ingham
* p.84-85 'interview Howard Kaylan'
* p.86-97 'I'm So Cute'
* p.98-99 'the 1980s & 1990s'
* p.100-101 'interview Steve Vai'
* p.102-112 'Stick It Out', Peter Doggett
* p.107 'Sheik Yerbouti', Peter Doggett
* p.113 'Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch', Chris Ingham
* p.114-115 'interview Jello Biafra'
* p.116-118 'We Are Not Alone: Matt Groening'
* p.119 'interview Scott Thunes', 'interview Joe Travers'
* p.120-123 'Welcome To The United States', Zappa interviewed by Phil Alexander in 1991
* p.124-126 'Boy Wonder: Dweezil Zappa', Martin Aston
* p.127: 'interview Jeff Simmons'
* p.128-132 'The Last Symphony', David Sheppard
* p.133 'The Yellow Shark', David Sheppard
* p.134-137 'Stalking The Oracle: Ben Watson'
* p.138-143 'You Call That Music?', John Reed

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