Monday, November 8, 2010


Recorded at 'The Hammersmith Odeon' in London in 1978, this brand-new Zappa album shows a band that is in great shape, playing a great bunch of tunes.
I'm listening to disc two right now ('Audience Participation' time), and this is fabulous.
The discs got their premiere at the Roundhouse last weekend, and ZpZ is bringing copies along on tour. You can get if from the Zappa dot com site as well, of course.


  • frank zappa: lead guitar, vocals
  • terry bozzio: drums & vocals
  • patrick o'hearn: bass & vocals
  • adrian belew: guitar & vocals
  • tommy mars: keyboards & vocals
  • peter wolf: keyboards
  • ed mann: percussion

produced by gail zappa & joe travers
mixed by frank filipetti

all compositions by frank zappa

disc one

  1. convocation / purple lagoon
  2. dancin' fool
  3. peaches en regalia
  4. the torture never stops
  5. tryin' to grow a chin
  6. city of tiny lites
  7. baby snakes
  8. pound for a brown

disc two

  1. i have been in you
  2. flakes
  3. broken hearts are for assholes
  4. punky's whips
  5. titties 'n beer
  6. audience participation
  7. the black page #2
  8. jones crusher
  9. the little house i used to live in

disc three

  1. dong work for yuda
  2. bobby brown
  3. envelopes
  4. terry firma
  5. disco boy
  6. king kong
  7. watermelon in eater hay [prequel]
  8. dinah-moe humm
  9. camarillo brillo
  10. muffin man
  11. black napkins
  12. san ber'dino


  1. I've bought "Hammersmith Odeon" as a 4 LP Box (Official Vinyl Release #89) which is a limited edition. I think to have bought #99/100 This Box contains Bonus Tracks:

    Wild Love
    Yo' Mama
    Outro / Purple Lagoon

    I was looking for this Box in Internet and there is no information about this box. It is an official VAULTernative Records release with 4 records (White Vinyl). I've paid 90€.

    Does anyone knows some facts about this releas?

  2. Do you have any pictures? I would be very much interested in seeing them.