Sunday, June 13, 2010


In the early sixties, Dave Aerni worked with Paul Buff, Frank Zappa and with Ray Collins in Paul Buff's PAL Studio in Cucamonga.
At the time, Dave Aerni worked as a musician, producer and even as a manager (for surf band The Tornadoes).

Crossfire Publications has collected these early recordings on this album. As you can imagine, it has both Frank Zappa and Paul Buff on a number of tracks.
Again, excellent liner-notes were written by Greg Russo.

Greg adds:
"The Dave Aerni collection includes tracks by The Tornadoes (some engineered by FZ), The Pharos, both sides of the Ron Roman single ("Tell Me"/ "Love Of My Life"), three tracks by The Rhythm Surfers produced by Zappa and Aerni, both sides of Zappa/Aerni-produced singles by Conrad And The Hurricane Strings and The Cordells, The Torquays, Arty & The Supremes, Ray Holland & The Lilly Cups and four tracks by Dave Aerni's 1966 group City Limits."

Of historical value!

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