Friday, June 18, 2010


Earlier this year, volume six of the Sun Ra "Lost Reel Collection" got released by the Transparency label.
Entitled "The Road To Destiny", the album takes us to the 'Gibus' club in Paris, France, in 1973.

It took a while for the album to arrive, but I'm sure glad it did. The 50-minute recording opens with 'Astro Black', goes into an excellent 'Discipline 27' (with a spacy vibes (?) solo), takes us to a lengthy Sun Ra recitation, and ends with 'Prepare For The Journey To Other Worlds / Swing Low Sweet Chariot / Why Go To The Moon'.

The sound of the recording is a bit distorted at times, especially in the vocal section, and that's a pity because this is an excellent show.
Not the best sound quality, but I enjoyed it.

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