Sunday, June 6, 2010


Volume 7 of the impressive "Paul Buff Presents" series from Crossfire Publications makes various Pal Studio recordings from the early sixties available for our enjoyment.

Get thrown back in time and hear bands and artists like Johnny Fisher, Mike Dineri, Rene & Ray, The Masters, The Penguins, Ricky Dean and more.

The PAL Studio Band (with Frank Zappa) performs 'I'm Losing Status At The High School'. Does that ring any bells?
And volume seven also includes The Penguins with the Zappa-penned 'Memories Of El Monte'.

As you might guess, all of these artists have now an entry at the United Mutations Archives. If you have additional info on any of these band, let me know. I'm good at copying and pasting. (well, I think that I'm good at it).

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