Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Now here's a nice surprise.
Last year, Transparency, the U.S. label that is best known for its excellent Sun Ra series, released an album by italian pianist (and composer) Alessandra Celletti.
Alessandra Celletti is known for her interpretations of works of Sati and of Philip Glass, but she has also released a couple of albums of original compositions.

On "Alessandra Celletti Plays Baldassarre Galuppi", Alessandra performs the works of 18th century composer Galuppi on the grand piano.
I have to admit that I was a bit reserved as 18th century music can not be heard that often at the United Mutations headquarters, but I'm always in for trying something different...
And I was pleasantly surprised.

Playful, joyful, and very intense at the same time.
I like it.

Check out Alessandra Celletti at MySpace:

And here are a couple of samples from the album:

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