Saturday, June 26, 2010


"The third issue of The Rondo Hatton Report continues to reflect the interest that this organ excites around the globe, featuring not only a first contribution from (the?) Indian of the group, but also an essay from the man behind that indispensible tool for true obsessives, the superlative Information Is Not Knowledge website. Fans of the statistical density that Google makes available will doubtless be thrilled to learn that The Rondo Hatton Report is now read in 35 different countries and accessed by 28 different language groups. As previously advertised, we still aim to encourage submissions from each and every ambient domain, and hope to sweep the entire planet shortly. We are committed to publishing texts in languages other than English, so there continues to be no reason why you or your loved ones should suffer as you hesitate to express yourself outside of ‘your’ language. As long as you speak Zappish, we’ll understand you.

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