Friday, July 24, 2009

MIKE KENEALLY 2009 07 24

It looks like Mike's latest album ("Scambot") is almost finished. And as it turns out, there'll also be a limited edition released with a bonus disc!

from the MK newsletter:

"Now, regarding Scambot 1... after I finished it, I realized that there was quite a bit of music left over which slotted into the story line covered on the disc, but which didn't fit into the album running order (and would have made the album too long for a CD). And it didn't feel right to hang on to these particular pieces for the upcoming Scambot 2 and 3, because conceptually this music wouldn't really belong to those projects; it's a part of Scambot 1.

You know where this is headed; I've just finished a second disc, entitled Songs and Stories Inspired by Scambot 1, which will be the second disc of the Scambot 1 signed and numbered limited edition. There's a lot to tell you about the second disc, but I'll tell you about it in full detail when we make the pre-order announcement, soon. It's a seriously uncompromising disc and I think you'll be very happy when you hear it!"

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