Friday, July 10, 2009


  • caballero reynaldo & the grand kazoo: acoustic virtual rehearsal
    (2009, download, spain, hall of fame records)

Luis Gonzàlez is the man behind Hall Of Fame Records, a record label and record distributor in Spain. The same label is also responsable for the excellent Unmatched Zappa Tribute series.
Luis is also a musician, and he has recorded various albums as his alter ego Caballero Reynaldo.
The two latest Caballero Reynaldo projects are available for free as download over at the Hall Of Fame Records website, so check them out:

ozcar cuenca: trombone, mandoline & voices
manoel macia: acoustic lead guitar
romàn garcia: acoustic bass & voices
luis gonzàlez: acoustic rhythm guitar & vocals
the spirit of manacho: bass-crum & brushes

arranged & recorded by ozcar cuenca, manoel macia, romàn garcia, luis gonzàlez & the spirit of manacho
mixed by luis gonzàlez at lui's garage, utiel (valencia, spain)
cover design by fernando m.romero

produced by luis gonzàlez

all songs by frank zappa

  1. lumpy gravy theme (duodenum)
  2. pojama people
  3. catholic girls
  4. dirty love
  5. i hve been in you
  6. eat that question
  7. love of my life
  8. electric aunt jemima
  9. bobby brown
  10. big leg emma
  11. the torture never stops
  12. he's so gay

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