Wednesday, July 15, 2009


The Work Ethic
Copyright 2009 John Trubee

Two received large insurance claims payouts

One married an heiress

One derived lifetime income from the proceeds of the sale of an inherited ranch

Two participated in insider trading
but evaded getting caught

One received regular cash gift payments from his wealthy half-brother

One lied to his investors, then ran and played games with their money

One inherited $23,000 in 1960 dollars
from a wealthy, deceased aunt
($23,000 in 1960 dollars adjusted for inflation
is worth $159,055.59 today)
with which he bought a house

They incessantly babble about the virtue
of the work ethic,
about how that is the cause of wealth.

The work ethic is a bludgeon
wielded by those whose wealth
derives from sources other than work
to dominate their children,
and those who don’t know any better.

-- John Trubee

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