Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The Mole packages...

...are almost gone!

Just a note that there are still a few of the special edition Mole Show packages available as a preorder (a 2 disc set, with 1 CD of the Australian Radio Special that took place just before the Mole Show set sail, and then a DVD of the ENTIRE Mole Show filmed on one camera, with audience sound at the Kabuki theater in SF.)

The discs are housed in a chipboard cover, with rubber stamped art (some very special people helped decorate these things), with an included 12 card full color set of cards representing the MoleShow backdrops (also printed on coated chipboard), and an included miniature shovel all packaged inside a printed burlap bag. Look into yer crystal ebay ball and see what these might be selling for in 4-5 years. A better investment than real estate!

And don't miss out on the Mole Show shirts (in military green and sand colors) and please notice that many of the classic Residents shirt designs are now available in a few new colors and shirt types (long sleeves, hoodies etc).

We hope to have the remaining parts of the set to be in stock by the end of this week. It all depends on UPS at this point. In the meantime we are prepping your orders, trying to have them as ready to go as we can. At the latest these will be shipping by mid-next week.

And when they start shipping, we usually see an increase in sales (some people don't like to preorder), so if you would like to be sure you get your hands on one, we suggest ordering before then.

Yer pals,
the RalphGang


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