Saturday, July 11, 2009


The OffLabel record label has this fabulous new series that's called "P.V. Presents".
P.V. stands for Pierre Vervloesem, one of my favourite musicians. Not only does Pierre make fascinating noises, he also has a great taste in music.

OffLabel has recognised this remarkable quality, and has given Pierre the liberty to work on this P.V.Presents series.

Kings Of Belgium has Gil Mortio on the guitar, lap steel and vocals; Pierre Vervloesem on bass, and Al Battor on (you guessed it right) drums.
This is music from the other side of the fence.
Recorded during two days of total improvisation in August 2007, this album let's us take a glimpse into the minds of the trio. The result is quite extraordinary.

The lack of structure and the varied palette of fragments and styles make this a very unpredictable listening experience: "Unchained Melodies" might just fit the package.

Go to the OffLabel site for a taste:

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  1. I make fascinating noises right now !

    Pierre Vervloesem