Friday, June 26, 2009


a message from the RalphGang:
Hello Residents friend

Some news:
A new site is here. Finally...

A new MOLESHOW DVD/CD super deluxe package is also here.This is limited to 400 pieces (only 350 made available for purchase), allnumbered, each set comes with 12 postcards (5.5" x8.5") with backdropdrawings from the show (6 mole and 6 chub), a miniature shovel (diggingnot recommended), a chipboard digipak featuring a CD with the Australianradio special (70 minutes) and a single camera DVD of the uninterruptedlive MOLESHOW, filmed at the Kabuki Theater in San Francisco. All wrappedup in a printed, drawstring burlap bag.

The video quality is from a single VHS camera back in the early 80's,which is probably a notch or two (or three) under a flip video camera.Audience sound as well. So think of it as yer own lo-fi time travelaccessory...peeking thru a rip in the fabric of time, thru a hole in thewall of the theater. So DO NOT expect a high production release - there'snot even a menu, just push and play for the gritty Mole reality. The CD isa REAL gem, featuring music and interviews with the Cryptic Corp duringthe days of the 444 Grove St. warehouse just before the Moleshow tour. Alot of talk of how the 'music industry is changing' and that no one isbuying music anymore...back in 1982.

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