Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Listening to bands that have covered a Residents tune has never dissapointed me. The same goes for this new mini-album by Allá.
"(Digs)" presents six tracks:

  • 'Si Se Puede' is an original composition, short and poppy;
  • 'New Hymn' is the Residents composition. It got released on the Residents'"Intermission" album in the early eighties, and Allá makes it sounds very fresh and fragile. I love it;
  • 'Church Of Anthrax' is the John Cale / Terry Riley composition, from the 1971 album with the same name. I never heard the original, but I really like it. Guess I should check out the original. Almost ten minutes of fuzzy bass (John Cale) and improvising organ (Terry Riley). Very nice.
  • 'Smog' is another coverversion. The original can be found on the Dug Dug's 1972 "Smog" album. (Los Dug Dug's were a famous mexican rock band.)
  • 'It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl' is from the 1972 album "Faust So Far" by, you guessed it right' Faust. It's another impressive coverversion, emphasizing that Allá's influences can be found in powerful progressive rock music.
  • The last track on this mini album, 'Love Lockdown', was a hit record for Kanye West. Not my cup of tea, the music of Kanye West. The Allá version, however, is pretty good. Straight forward, not too smooth...

I'm all in favour of artists recording a set of their favourite songs. In the Allá case, the result is a nice mixture of great songs, and an impressive bunch of coverversions !!

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