Monday, June 22, 2009


"Cheer Me, Perverts" (an anagram for Peter Vermeersch) is the latest Flat Earth Society album.

This is big band music like you 've never heard before (not counting the previous FES albums). Up-tempo, hyperkinetic, angular and funny melody lines and rhythms are mixed into 10 impressive compositions.
The band has a very rich and colourful sound. The solos are superb and fit in perfectly with the compositions. This is music at its best.

Frank Zappa, Raymond Scott, the Sun Ra Arkestra, … you name it. They're all in there somewhere.

This latest FES album is essential listening.
But then again, we wouldn't expect less.

I want to see cartoons that use this music !!

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  1. Superb...thanks for the heads up. Off to order a copy right now. (not to be greedy, but when the heck is the back catalog ever gonna be reissued!?).