Saturday, November 24, 2012


July 2006, guitar player Francesco Zago and composer and saxophone player Markus Stauss got invited to Fabio Ceriani's place in Tradate, Italy. At the house, Francesco and Markus recorded a number of improvisations. Zauss (ZAgo & StaUSS) was born. "Neulich Neben Der Grenze" (Close To The Frontier) presents this music in the same order as it was recorded.

If I'm not mistaken, "Neulich Neben Der Grenze" was the first Zauss album. It got recorded in Tradate, which can be found near a village called Varese and is, indeed, close to the border with Switzerland. On the other hand, the album title fits the music as well. This is music for the adventurous listener. It's experimental, improvised music.

Markus Stauss' saxophone takes a journey in the soundscapes that are created by Francesco Zago's guitar.
This is the kind of music that asks for your complete attention.

Recommended listening.

Here's a clip of Markus Stauss with Christian Weber.

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