Friday, November 30, 2012


Everybody should know by now that Moonjune Records has an ear for talent.
Their latest discovery is a band called Ligro, a jazz-rock trio from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Ligro is Agam Hamzah (guitar), Adi Darmawan (bass guitar) and Gusti Hendy (drums). Read backwards, Ligro becomes "Orgil', which means 'crazy people' in the Bahasa language. It should give you an idea of the music that they produce.
According to their website, this jazz-rock powertrio released their first album in 2008, entitled "Dictionary 1". The sequel is now getting an international release on the MoonJune label: "Dictionary 2".

"Dictionary 2" presents eight powerful compositions. The record shows that all three musicians have great chops and that the band is very tight when it needs to be. The Ligro trio takes jazz-rock to another level. It's fast and accurate. Especially Gusi Hendy's drumming is all over the place.
With composition titles like 'Stravinsky', 'Etude Indienne' and 'Miles Away' the band shows that they are not afraid to show their influences.
High-energy fusion. I love it.

Ligro's "Dictionary 2" should be on every fusion-fan's want-list.
Highly recommended. Check it out.
(Cover design by Aga Dilaga !!)

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