Saturday, November 10, 2012


Winnipeg-based Mahogany Frog has released their sixth album. It's out on the Moonjune Records label. Melomaniacs know that every Moonjune release is worth investigating. Therefore, a large dose of enthusiasm and curiosity were present when I gave this album its first spin yesterday.

Two days and four listening sessions later, I am happy to say that "Senna" is an excellent album. Mahogany Frog's instrumental, fuzzy and psychedelic jazz-rock has taken hold of me.
I don't know whether it's the album title, or the picture of the motor on the album cover, but "Senna" sounds like an hypnotic version of a road movie.
"Senna" presents a lot of catchy melodies, wrapped in synthesizer soundscapes and distorted guitar lines. I love it.

Highly recommended !!

Check out album openers 'Houndstooth Part 1 & 2' (and catch the start of the engine in the first seconds of the track).

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