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Guitarist and composer Rainer Tankred Pappon was born in the city of São Paulo in 1961.
He has played with many Brazilian artists but he’s probably best known to the readers of this blog as the lead guitar player in The Central Scrutinzer Band, a band that performs the music of Frank Zappa.
In 2010, Rainer performed with The Central Scrutinizer Band at the famous Zappanale Festival in Bad Doberan, Germany. It was a fabulous concert that featured former Zappa sidemen Ray White, Denny Walley and Robert Martin as special guests.

Rainer also recorded a number of beautiful albums as a solo artist. Ike Willis contributed vocals to one of these.
A couple of months ago, RTP released “Copo D'Água', his 6th album.

Rainer made this album available for free at his website. And if you like it, you can buy an actual copy from him.

"Copo D'Água" is an excellent guitar album. Besides RTP on the guitar, it features Mario Conte on drums and Jimmy Pappon on keyboards.
The album opens with the titeltrack, a 17-minuted opus that has a distorted and twisted blues feel. A great start.
Next up is 'Tem o zé', an up-tempo prog rock tune. It has a good groove and some fine drawn-out solos by RTP and by Jimmy.
'Sub' is another track that shows some 70's influences. Short and nice. Almost pop.

'Für Christa' is a gorgeous ballad. Almost minimalistic, but with a sensational keyboard solo.
Track number five is entitled '3834ZappaFrank'. It starts out as an appropriate spacy soundscape and slowly evolves into a superb guitar solo. Love it. Goosebumps. 20 minutes for God's sake...
And the album ends with 'Alotof II', a composition that includes 16 guitar solos. Each one by a different guitar player.

Recommended listening.

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  1. Great Album. Great Guitar player. RTP's zappaesk playing is awesome.