Monday, November 26, 2012


The Manson Ensemble took part in the "Frank Zappa at the Roundhouse" festival that was held in London, UK from November 5 - 7, 2010.
The Ensemble also scheduled a performance of some Zappa compositions on November 13, 2010.

Conducted by Frank Ollu, who performed with the Ensemble Modern on the original Yellow Shark recording, the Manson Ensemble presented a selection of instrumental Zappa classics alongside new transcriptions by RAM Head of Composition, Philip Cashian, and current composition students.

Shortly after the concerts, the ensemble recorded this album. The result is stunning. A fine recording of a superb performance.

Essential listening for every Zappa fan.

-- info: Andrew Greenaway

  1. peaches en regalia  (arr. ali n.askin)
  2. big swifty  (arr. jon nelson)
  3. dupree's paradise
  4. twenty small cigars  (trans. chris lyons)
  5. the legend of the golden arches  (trans. robert peate)
  6. st. alfonzo's pancake breakfast  (trans. charlie piper)
  7. little umbrellas  (trans. joseph davies)
  8. black page #2  (trans. philip cashian)
  9. music for low-budget orchestra  (arr. ian underwood, trans. philip cashian)
  10. alien orifice  (trans. philip cashian)
  11. little house i used to live in  (trans. philip cashian)
  12. the perfect stranger - movement I
  13. the perfect stranger - movement II
    g-spot tornado (arr. ali n. askin)

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