Sunday, November 25, 2012


My previous weekend was a one-of-a-kind.

Friday, we went to see Steve Vai in concert in Tilburg at the 013 concert hall. Sunday was Grande Mothers day at the Paradox music club in Tilburg, and Monday evening we enjoyed Dweezil Zappa Plays Zappa in Brussels.
Fun was had by all. Especially by me.

Dweezil ZpZ show was good. We had nice seats (which is important) and the band played an impressive set from the Zappa catalogue. It was a bit too clean, maybe. I would have liked Dweezil to tell us some stories about the music, the compositions or whatever. Instead we got a silent tune-up break every time he switched guitars. It ruins the atmosphere when you have these silent moments. Too bad, 'cause the boys and girls can really play and Dweezil did a great job playing the lead guitar.
Goosebumps when Scheila recited "Music Is The Best !!
The annoying part happened after the show when I found out that they had run out of the Zappa albums that I wanted to bring home. So now I still don't have the first volume of Road Tapes...
And I know it's not the guy at the merch booth's fault, but answering me like "We ran out of these a couple of days ago but they should be back in tomorrow in Utrecht" did not help... I wasn't going to Utrecht. I came to Brussels...

The Grande Mothers performed at the Paradox. We were lucky to catch the last chairs and found ourselves sitting down about five feet from the stage. Great !! The band featured former Mothers Napoleon Murphy Brock and Don Preston, plus Mike Miller, Chris Garcia and Dave Johnson. These guys had fun, and they were able to pass their energy on to the public.
Very good.
Goosebumps all over the place.

Steve Vai still has it. Not only did he show up at the Sounds Record Store in the city of Tilburg in the afternoon, he brought a f*$£%/ three-hour show...
We were standing on the balkony, so maybe the sound wasn't perfect, but the show was and we could enjoy every second of it.
This was great. Steve mixed his beautiful ballads with material from his most recent album, and he gave all of his bandmembers a bit of room to showcase their music as well.
Tears in my eyes...

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