Thursday, February 23, 2017


  • bobuck: eggs for breakfast
        (2017, cd, austria, klanggalerie gg240)
Since Charles Bobuck seperated himself from The Residents, he has been posting tracks for various occasions on various locations.
These tracks have been collected and are being released on the Klanggalerie label.

From Klanggalerie:
Over the past few months, former Residents composer Charles Bobuck has released several Tiny Tunes through his website, newsletter and as free giveaways for holidays. We are now happy to present you the first collection of these songs on CD. Eggs For Breakfast collects 26 of these tunes, perfect little pop songs about important and unimportant things, with playful joy or rather melancholy. All songs composed and performed by Bobuck, and yes, all vocals, too.

Track list: 1. Headstand 2. Truck 3. War 4. General 5. Smoke 6. Pupil 7. Saw 8. Yellow 9. Bag 10. Dali 11. Sing 12. Car 13. Hands 14. Death 15. Lemon 16. Shroud 17. Rug 18. Blue 19. Music 20. Toe 21. Beer 22. Itch 23. Toast 24. Kid 25. Gang 26. Nail.

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