Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Freakshow Artrock Festival 2015

September 25 - 26, 2015
Würzburg, Germany

a message from Charly :

It is very sad that just in the year of their 45th stage jubilee we already long ago had to decide out of financial reasons that our beloved heroes from Kobaia, Magma, will not be a part of the 2015 edition of our festival, that they had started along with Anekdoten and Present in 2001.

But of course we won't miss the opportunity to celebrate the 45th birthday of "Zeuhl" music, invented and brought to blossom by Christian Vander, Magma's drummer and leader.

Eight young and dedicated french musicians assembled under the name "Collectif Ptäh" will as final act of this year's edition entertain us and seduce us to enter the stage and sing along to the early stuff of Magma's career, while four other french bands plus one Japanese and one Belgian band, all of them more or less influenced by the "Zeuhl" virus, will pave the way to the "final act".

During the past months there have been negotiations with some other bands (Miriodor / Secret Chiefs III) for a show on Sunday, but unfortunately these shows had to be cancelled out of financial and availability reasons.

And finally some sad news: our friends from "Rhun", who have alreday been on the bill in 2014, had to cancel again, for they sadly have split in July .

But with great pleasure we can announce some other old friends, who decided on short terms to sit in for "Rhun" and once again play our festival on Saturday before the "final act": chamberrock veterans "Present" from Belgium will once again give us one of their awesome shows!!!

Due to the additional expenses caused by their participation we hope all of you agree, that we kept to our slightly raised ticket price despite the fact, that there is no Sunday show.

17/18 h: NI (fr)
20:30: LE GRAND SBAM (fr)
22:30: HAPPY FAMILY (jap)

13/14 h: CHROMB! (fr)
16:30 POIL (fr)
19:00 PRESENT (b)

There are 90 seated tickets available, most of them already sold, so place your ticket order now: freakcha@aol.com
Local sale: h2o recordshop, 0931 57 26 11


Festivalticket: 90.- euro
Friday ticket: 45.- euro, only at the door
Saturday ticket: 55.- euro, only at the door

"kiddies" up to 21 years are free!!!!!

Students / unemployed: 45.- euro

To reach the venue, take street car lines 3 and 5. Car parking close to the venue on main street or close to the river.

Cheap accomodation may still be possible at the nearby "youth hostel": 
Fred-Joseph-Platz 2, 97082 würzburg
0931 4677860

Or put up a tent at the nearby camping site of Kanu Club Würzburg: 
Mergentheimer str. 13b, 97082 Würzburg
0931 72536

To get a place for a tent right at the venue please get in contact !!

Food and drinks will be served by "Count Otto and his Mermaids"

Hope to see you there and keep the flame burning!!!!

"advanced rock music for the addicted!!"

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