Wednesday, September 9, 2015


This recent Keyhole release is another one of those 'radio show' albums. As it was a radio broadcast, the radio station owns the rights of the recording. In se, this means that such a recording can be released without the permission of the artist.
"Bebop Tango Live" presents the so-called "Un-concert", a collection of 1973 recordings that Frank Zappa put together and gave to a radio station to be broadcast on New Year's Eve.

True, this album isn't a Zappa Family Trust approved release and I doubt that Keyhole has the rights to release this, but the recording itself is astounding.

  1. announcer's introduction
  2. zappa's introduction - aka tango chat (wayne, nj, 1973/11/11)
  3. pygmy twylyte / dummy yp (with irma coffee, location & date unknown)
  4. be-bop tang excerpt (location & date unknown)
  5. the story of dupree's paradise (nyc, 1973/11/22)
  6. yellow snow suite (sydney, australia, 1973/06/24)
  7. guitar event (lowell, 1973/11/30)
  8. be-bop tango contest (waterloo, canada, 1973/11/18)
  9. announcer's closing remarks

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