Thursday, January 1, 2015


Dweezil Zappa's New Year's Greetings included news about a new DVD :

"2015 will be a busy year! There is a lot of touring planned and there will be new music and a DVD available. It’s been quite a while since this has been possible. I’m very excited about sharing my new record with you as well as the “Apostrophe LIVE” DVD!

The editing for the “Apostrophe LIVE” concert is complete now. There are other things to do finalize the project such finish the stereo and surround mixes and do all of the artwork and authoring for the DVD. I am planning a PLEDGE campaign for the DVD so that anyone who may be interested can get their copy before it is released to the public."

Apostrophe DVD set list

1 Gumbo Variations
2 Yellow Snow
3 Nanook Rubs It
4 St Alfonzo’s Pancake Breakfast
5 Father O’Blivion 6 Cosmik Debris (with FZ)
7 Excentrifugal Forz 8 Apostrophe
9 Uncle Remus (with George Duke)
10 Stink Foot
11 RDNZL (with George Duke)
12 Pygmy Twylyte (Quaalude Thunder Version with George Duke)
13 Echidna’s Arf (with George Duke)
14 Inca Roads (with George Duke and FZ)
15 City Of Tiny Lites
16 I Promise Not To Come In Your Mouth
17 Cruisin’ For Burgers
18 Eat That Question (with George Duke)
19 Baby Snakes
20 Chrissy Puked Twice
22 Muffin Man (with FZ)

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