Tuesday, January 13, 2015


From the Saturn newsgroup,
A message from Irwin Chusid

The latest digital release from the Sun Ra Music Archive is I ROAM THE COSMOS by Sun Ra and June Tyson, with the Arkestra.

Available here: http://bit.ly/1xziTeW

Good news and bad news. The bad news: there's only one great track on the album. The good news: it's the ONLY track on the album. "I Roam the Cosmos" is a 51-minute cosmo-drama call & response between Sunny and June, backed by the Arkestra, recorded in 1972 at Slug's Saloon, NYC. Mastered 24-bit from the original tape, exclusively for iTunes.

It's a raw, soulful performance, discovered by Michael D. Anderson of the SRMA. To the best of our knowledge (and we've conferred with three Ra authorities), this track has never been issued in any form. It is NOT the same composition as "We Roam the Cosmos." It is constructed on the "Discipline 27-II" bed, over which Ra declaims and June echoes & amplifies. The personnel is guesstimated, again with input from a few Ra scholars.

It is unlikely we will release this on LP because it would require artificially dividing a continuous 51-minute piece. However, we're looking into CD release.

Celestial Love is also now available in remastered form, but I'll cover that in a separate post.
Ra to the Rescue currently undergoing restoration, probable release in February.


Full digital catalog: http://iTunes.com/SunRaMusic
(Above new releases are in the store at the links but not presently displayed in the full catalog.)

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