Sunday, September 1, 2013


a message from LiLo /  HeLLo S.

HeLLo !

The first volume of my instrumental albums series "LIL' GUITAR PIECES" is ready.
On this occasion, I'll try a little experience... I won't put it for sale on the iTunes Store or any other plateform... I offer it to you.
But it still has a price: Its sale's price is... A Promise. By receiving it, you promise me to offer it to, at least, two friends of yours, who will also have to hold the same promise, and so on...
To receive it (Mp3 and .wav files) send a mail to: (you'll then be free to copy the album or give your friends this mail adress to receive it, which I'd prefer in order to follow its diffusion !). A CD version with visuals is on study, but it will be more expensive...

And here's fragments of LiLo's Zappanale concert from a couple of years ago.

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