Tuesday, August 20, 2013


"Shark Gathering In Post Industrial Bad Doberan".
That was the title of the 2012 Zappanale expo, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Frank Zappa's "The Yellow Shark".

By popular demand, or maybe just to please the freaks, the Dieter / Robert team produced a set of three DVD(R)s with the highlights of the 2012 expo.
Not to be missed is the "Exhibition Review", a 20-minute special mixed with concert fragments of Fried Dähn, The Yellow Snow Crystals, George Duke & Jean-Luc Ponty, all playing the music of Frank Zappa. Or the complete concert that Fried Dähn & The Yellow String Quartet did at the expo hall on 2012/08/03.
But the most impressive part is the 40-minute "The Lost Episodes Phase II": Frank Zappa, The Ensemble Modern & L.Shankar rehearsing in L.A., a private movie by the late Wolfgang Stryi.

Table of contents:

a package of 3 dvdr's, each in a seperate dvd box
produced by robert riedt and dieter jakob


what's the secret word for tonight
o an exhibition review, 19 min
  • lothar taube (paintings)
  • helmut king (paintings)
  • peter bastian (photos)
  • leonie duperre (photos)
  • wolfram eder (photos)

o music
  • fried dähn & the yellow string quartet: uncle meat
  • the yellow snow crystals: toads of the short forest
  • the brothers of invention - george duke & jean-luc ponty: king kong
  • fried dähn & the yellow string quartet: sofa
  • the yellow snow crystals: stinkfoot
fried dähn & the yellow string quartet
o live at the zappanale exhibition, bad doberan, august 3, 2012, 36 min
  • timo de leo: violin
  • konrad balik: violin
  • benjamin hartung: altviool
  • fried dähn: cello

arte tv spots
o arte tv august 2, 2012
  • evening spot, 3 min - featuring mary jane & steve chillemi
  • morning spot, 2 min


daniel schröder
o "ausbruch aus dem zirkel des ästhetischen" und "groovy sound effects"? - die varèse-momente in frank zappas leben und werk
  • german zappa lecture - live at zappanale exhibition, bad doberan, august 2, 2012, 54 min

sofa talk
o jim cohen - fried dähn - michael gross
  • german interview - live at zappanel exhibition, bad doberan, august 3, 2012, 59 min


your place or mine?
o dieter jakob und robert riedt treffen
  • rumi ogawa, june 12, 2012, ensemble modern, frankfurt
  • uwe dierksen, july 14, 2012, darmstadtium, darmstadt
  • hermann kretzschmar, july 14, 2012, darmstadtium, darmstadt
    (german interviews, 29 min)

stefan dohr & william forman, im gespräch über "yellow shark"
o german conversation, 11 min

wolfgang stryi's private tapes: "the lost episodes phase II"
o the yellow shark rehearsals, los angeles, july 1991, 40 min
  • frank zappa
  • the ensemble modern
  • l.shankar

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