Thursday, August 29, 2013


from the liner notes:

"The Inventionis Mater duo is a project born of the encounter between the clarinetist Pierpaolo Romani and the guitarist Andrea Pennati. The purpose is write down the Zappa gigantism for a duo so little frequented as the clarinet and guitar duo is. The Inventionis Mater take the bright and eccentric rock of Frank Zappa and return it back to the audience in a duo transcription reduced to the need of essentiality. A transcription that is translation, never distortion. A trip between stylistic and trimbre versatility, from rhythm 'n blues to dodecaphonic atmospheres. A duo that tells a story in which the protagonist is an American composer who was able to draw from rock music of the XX century what the great romantic composers drew from folk music. The Inventionis Mater tells you about Zappa: an acrobat on the thin line between Art music and Pop music. A genius who created a language, a mirror of the postmodern eclectisism, not forgettin gthe pleasure of irony and intellectual taste for hearing."

I couldn't have said it better.

Essential listening !

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