Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Sandro Oliva will be performing at Zappanale #23.
Sandro has performed on earlier editions of Zappanale. This year, he will be performing in his own right, as Sandro Oliva.

UniMuta : Hello Sandro, how do you feel about playing at Zappanale again?
Sandro Oliva : First of all is great to be at the Zappanale again. And what's even more exciting, this will be my first time with my own show. I played in 1994 with the Grandmothers, last year with Essra, and now it will be ME.

UniMuta : Who will you bring along?
Sandro Oliva : It will be basically my own five piece band. Mauro Andreoni is my keyboard player since 1986 (he replaced Don in the Grandmothers in 1998 and early 2000), his son Ares is on drums (they were both with Essra and me last year). Gianluca Ferranti on bass, and Mauro Centrella on sax and vocals. If this combo doesn't sound like the '90s Grandmothers (minus Jim, yes), I'm an Astronaut!

UniMuta : Last year you performed at Zappanale with Essra, and talked about possibilities of touring together with Essra, is this still scheduled?
Sandro Oliva : I hope the projected tour with Essra will happen some day. At the moment financial problems makes it very unlikely.

UniMuta : Do you have any other concerts planned?
Sandro Oliva : I have just played a bunch of gigs in Italy, this is a new line-up (new rhithm section), so we're still basically playing the 1998/2000 Grandmothers show which I had put together. In fall, we will renew the repertoire.

UniMuta : What material will you be performing at Zappanale?
Sandro Oliva : At Zappanale we'll play a bunch of Garrick Theatre songs that I had re-arranged (oops, RE-ORCHESTRATED!!) for the Grannies, plus some of my own tunes. Wait and see!

UniMuta : How is your Obvious Music Label? Have you released anything recently? Are there new releases scheduled?
Sandro Oliva : OBVIOUS MUSIC is my own label, but I only had web or limited edition releases. I'm looking for a producer or a bigger label for a new CD.

UniMuta : Thank you very much, Sandro. & see you soon.

Sandro Oliva will be performing at the Zappanale Festival in Bad Doberan, Germany, on Wednesday, August 01, 2012.
Around 21.00 h.
You don't want to miss this, so be there !! 

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