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Humble Grumble is one of the best-kept secrets of the alternative music scene.
The band will be performing at Zappanale, and they're marked as "must-see" in my book.
If you're familiar with Humble Grumble's music, you'll be at their concert. If you've never heard about Humble Grumble, you should really check them out. They just might be your biggest surprise at Zappanale.

Here's my short chat with Gabor Voros, Humble Grumble's frontman and composer.

UniMuta : You recently released the "Flanders Fields" album. How has the response been so far?

Gabor Voros : It's been doing very well as far as I know. It's enough to just google the band name and title and you get to huge amounts of very pleasing good reviews. Humble Grumble is also played on radios worldwide and we're getting a lot of response from people around the globe. You can read some of their comments, reviews on our official website.

UniMuta : "Flanders Fields" got released on the italian Altrock label. How did you get in contact with them?

Gabor Voros : Marcello Marinone, one of the owners of Altrock has been following Humble Grumble since the 90's. He found out about us in a review where someone mentioned that we sound a bit like X-legged Sally. Marcello was looking for those good old X-legged albums. He got curious and today we're enjoying life in the progrock sphere together.

UniMuta : Last year, or the year before that, you played at the Burg Herzberg Festival. What was that like?

Gabor Voros : Hahha, good question! I must say that I love those Germans coming to the Festival! they are great loving, energetic, warm audience! We were honored to come and play there twice and both times it was a blast!

UniMuta : In a couple of weeks, you'll be playing at the Zappanale festival in Bad Doberan. I can tell that you're familiar with Frank Zappa's music, but were you familiar with the Zappanale festival? How crazy do you think one has to be to organise a festival around Frank Zappa's music?

Gabor Voros : I knew about Zappanale, but it's the first time that we're invited to play there. I find it perfectly normal to honor the great Frank with a Festival like this and it's a present for the people who enjoy this high quality stuff, there are not many Festivals left unfortunately with this high level of music.

UniMuta : Do you have other concerts scheduled in the near future?

Gabor Voros : We are going to Gouveia (Altrock music festival in Portugal, red.) next year and there will be a tour around that. Zappanale will be the last Festival in 2012, I will explain in another interview what makes us so busy that we do not gig enough.

UniMuta : You're in the middle of recording a new album. Can you already tell us a bit about it? Did you record it with the current line-up of the band? Do you already have a title for it? Is it true that it will not contain any love songs? Will it be out on the Altrock label as well?

Gabor Voros : Well, it is recorded with the current line up of the band. I wouldn't say that there are no love songs, only nothing will sound slow and romantic. It's becoming a high energy album, I am very satisfied with the results of the recording. I don't have a title yet, only silly ideas, you know how it goes. But it'll be released on Altrock indeed presumably in September.

UniMuta :  Sounds great. Thanks & see you soon !

Humble Grumble will be performing at Zappanale on Friday, 2012 08 03.

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