Sunday, July 29, 2012


UK label Ozit Records has announced two interesting albums:
  • various artists: bickershaw festival 40th anniversary box set
    (2012, 6cd + 2dvd, uk, ozit records)
with 4 discs of Grateful Dead, and two discs with various perfomances of the 1972 Bickershaw Festival, including some Captain Beefheart.

  • captain beefheart and the magic band: son of dust sucker
    (2012, cd, uk, ozit records)
"New updated version of the “Dust Sucker” album, which will be deleted after the current pressing has sold through. Captain Beefheart’s original tapes of the Bat Chain Puller album, sent to his friend Roger Eagle in the UK to make sure they got released in the UK, as in the USA the tapes were tied up in a dispute between Frank Zappa and his manager Herb Cohen. "Son of Dust Sucker" combines those original tapes with the surprise nine extra live bonus tracks from the Captain’s illustrious career."

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