Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Since 2005 Klimperei and Voxfazer have been communicating with sounds, soundtracks and the language of the birds. 500 km far from each other they only met 3 times. The third one was to talk and decide about a concrete work. An album.
Strange Meeting III is about musical conversations, exchanges. A playground to communicate.
Many people have participated in this beautiful project, let all of them be thanked for that.

Special thanks : Claire & Lola, Emine, Madame Patate, Miss Ming, David Fenech, Nicolas Folch, Microcosme, Micr0lab, Pierre Ménard & many more.
here :
klimperei :
voxfazer :

Thanx a lot ! Please spread the information...

Love from Klimperei...  

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