Sunday, September 18, 2011


For me, the latest edition of Zappanale lasted five days. I arrived on Wednesday (the 17th), and went back home on Monday morning (the 22nd).
As always, Zappanale is quite an absorbing experience. I can tell you a bit about what I did and what I saw and heard, but that's only a part of the story.
Zappanale is like being on another planet, but it's also like coming home.
So many likeminded people and so much great music...
So here's part 5 of this year's Zappanale tale.
Wednesday had been a fine start. I had already seen some friends, and I had enjoyed Chris Opperman's concert a lot. So I was ready for Thursday.
After a Zappateers breakfast downtown Bad Doberan, and checking out the camping site and putting up the Zappateers tent, I returned to the little village for a visit of the Zappanale Expo. I had already given it a look on Wednesday, but I wanted to give it all a closer examination.
This year, Dieter Jakob had gathered works from Cal Schenkel, Carlos Zerpa, Lothar Taube, and Helmut King. A pretty impressive line-up.

Entering the expo hall, the immediate eye-catcher was Cal Schenkel's series of Zappa & Beefheart album covers: a beautifulseries of 7 giclée prints.
The hall on the right had some fine pieces by Helmut King, including a Beefheart tribute.
Here are some pictures of the Helmut King artworks (pics by Steffen Schindler).

The room on the left had works by Carlos Zerpa, and by Lothar Taube. I wan't impressed by Lothar Taube's work, but Zerpa's pieces were excellent.

Here are some shorts of Lothar Taube's work (again by Steffen Schindler):

And here are some pictures of Carlos Zerpa's work. I like this. Great size (they were huge), great colours and alienating subjects. I like this a lot. (thanks for the pictures, Steffen !!)

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  1. Thanks a lot my friend and brother in Zappa
    Carlos Zerpa
    Caracas Venezuela