Sunday, September 4, 2011


Yesterday, I saw the Muze Jazz Orchestra performing at cultural centre 'De Muze' in their home-town, Heusden-Zolder.
The setlist included a couple of fine jazz tunes, original compositions by Lieven Cambré, and a lot of Zappa material.
It was great.

The Muze Jazz Orchestra is a bunch of belgian jazz musicians from around Heusden-Zolder. It's a nine-piece band, lead by Marco Cirone (guitar & vocals). Lots of horns, lots of power.
What I particularly like about the MJO is that they do great arrangements of the Zappa tunes, AND that they play some fine solos as well.

This was the second time that I saw the MJO. I was quite impressed the first time, and yesterday, they sounded even better.
There's a chance that the band will be trying to set up a tour. If so, I know where I will be :-)
A must-see, must-listen.

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